Company Milestones


History and Milestones


Since 2001, Stag Match has consistently expanded our educational offerings as emerging technologies have made our programs more accessible and convenient for students. Stag Match continues to search for opportunities to expand in the educational landscape.

Below are just a few of our exciting achievements, we expect many more to come!

Milestones 2001-2014
Jan-01 Started as STAG Tuition Agency
  Started as a Tuition Agency called STAG “Strive Toward ‘A’ Grade” providing private and group tutor at home and center
Oct-04 Convert STAG to Stag Match
  StagMatch was founded as a sole-proprietor tuition agency/centre.
Jan-05 First Tuition Center (Hougang)
  First registered center is in Hougang
Jan-07 Registered as a PA operator
  StagMatch was registered as a PA operator.
Jan-08 Full fledged tuition centre
  We start to provide primary and secondary tuition to all our branches.
Jan-09 Introduced iEnrich program
  Introduced iEnrich program to provide subsidy to low-income families
Jan-10 Recognized as Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
  Stag Match is recognized as an administrator of Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
Aug-10 Stag Match first Student Care Center
  Stag Match opened their first Student Care Center at Fengshan C.C.
Jan-11 Introduced computer teaching methods
  Moving to eLearning methods by introducing computer teaching methods.
Dec-12 Top 100 Singapore Excellent Awards 2012/2013
  Received the “Top 100 Singapore Excellent Awards 2012/2013”.
Feb-13 Started Pre-school Course
  Started pre-school course, Fun Phonics, for kindergarten.
Aug-14 Total 13 branches