Our Team

Meet our team members

Mr. Alex Wong

Stag Match Founder, Director
“A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Ms. Christina Tan

Stag Match Associate, Senior Branch Manager
“As a part of the Stag Match family, it help the children to get nearer to their goal and achievement.”

Mr. Salim Bin Ismail

Stag Match Branch Manager
“Working in Stag Match enables me to further enhance my personal growth and development”

Ms. Siti Nur Atikah

Stag Match Branch Manager, Senior Teacher
“Stag Match has always provide me with many opportunities to learn and develop new skills.”

Mr. Gerald Lee

Stag Match Branch Manager, Senior Teacher
“It’s a pleasure to be working in Stag Match and to impart my knowledge to all the Stag Match’s students”

Ms. Jasmine Sim

Stag Match Assistant Manager, Senior Teacher
“An enduring institution where bright minds of the future are sculpted, cultivating learning and on-going self-improvement. “



We build trust with our students/parents and the community.


We commit ourselves in providing quality education

100% Dedication

Our team, from management to our teachers, are well equipped and trained.

Superior Customer Service

We provide continuous and enhanced educational service to make sure our students succeed.