Stag Match Enrichment Programme

1. Lego MindStorm

LEGO MINDSTORMS makes building, programming and commanding your own LEGO robots smarter, faster, and more fun than ever. Follow the simple steps and before you know it, you’ll be in control of robots that drive, shoot, slither, walk, slam, and spin – to name just a few of the actions that come with this awesome robotics set.

With Scratch, programming your LEGO robots will be faster, smarter and more fun than ever. Choose the robot you would like to build, then bring it to life with the improved programming tool. The action is at your fingertips.


2. Code to flying Pilot with Tickle  

Code to Flying Pilot with Tickle enrichment programe is designed to develop students’ computational thinking concepts and practices (iterative, remixing and etc.) using tickle and Minidrone.Learn how to programe, drones and smart home devices wirelessly. It is fun and easy to learn for students with no or little programming background. The course will introduce students to object oriented programming using Tickle ( Drag and Drop ). It helps students to understand the basics fundamental control structures in programming (loops, assignment statements, conditional expressions etc). Learning objectives

  • Become familiar with visual programming.
  • Programe a drone to fly using basic motion commands.
  • Example : Learn the coding concept “loop”: a control statement for specifying iteration which allows code to be run repeatedly.
  • Provide the foundation of good programming skills by discussing keys issues to the design of object-oriented software, including programming techniques and programming testing.
Stag Match Drone Enrichment

3. Flying Drone Pilot

Fulfill your Pilot Dream !!

The demand for skilled drone operators is likely to soar .
Learn how to fly a quadcopter for the first time. From hovering to advanced maneuvers.

This course helps quadcopter beginners get started. From classroom to practical flying quadcopters.
Join us now to become Stag Match’s Flying Drone Pilot and better your flying skill.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

4. WeDo Lego with Scratch

The LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set is an easy-to-use set that introduces young students to robotics when combined with the Scratch software. Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social studies. The Construction Set comes with more than 150 elements including a motor, tilt sensor, motion sensor, and LEGO USB Hub.

5. Mobile Game App

Have you ever wanted to be a game developer? Do you have an idea for the next big hit mobile game? Learn to create your own mobile games with no programming. This beginner course on creating your very own mobile games is specially structured for beginners. No programming experience necessary.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

6. 3D Modeling and Printing

3D Modeling and Printing is one of the latest printing technology that was recently introduced into the commercial market, which it uses a 3D Modeling software to produce a physical printed object. Apart from learning this new technology, 3D Modeling and Printing can help develop creativity, visualization skills, problem-solving techniques and patience.

The Lessons is been designed for the learners to learn the basic knowledge of 3D printer technology: additive manufacturing and the step-by-step 3D printing process, while also creating their own projects with 3D models, and sharing their finished creations.

In addition, it can also be used as a learning activity for those who don’t have prior knowledge of 3D printing. Several activities will focus on learning the basics of 3D modeling and prototyping.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

7. Virtual Reality Experience

Now , students will be able to go for a field trip without physically going outside.

What is virtual reality (VR)? Find out all about the potentials of VR with a hands-on experience at this workshop. Enjoy the sensory experience never-seen-before while operating it yourself! You will experience yourself by doing up your own VR goggle and learn to experience the VR new world.

We all know that Virtual Reality is incredible to learn new concepts. For the first time ever, developers have the ability to bring people back in history, to let them walk beside giants dinosaurs, but also to help people of all ages learn complex science concepts in a brand new way.

Mobile VR and especially the Google Cardboard is great for educational purposes, it’s cheap, someone with a decent smartphone can experience Virtual Reality.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

8. Hologram Presentation

The 3D holographic display allows users to view and interact with virtual objects such as balls and blocks. The objects move and react using a physics engine resulting in a very realistic interaction and an almost life-like experience.

a hologram is a photographic recording of a light field , rather than of an image formed by a lens , and it is used to display a fully three-dimensional (3D) image of the holographed subject, which is seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics

We can also customise the course into teaching students how to do up interesting Hologram powerpoint presentation .

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

9. Green Capsule (Terrarium)

A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container. A terrarium is a closed environment, and can actually be used to illustrate how an ecosystem works.

Inside a terrarium’s walls, many different natural processes may be observed: photosynthesis, respiration, and the water cycle.

The water in the terrarium is constantly recycled, passing from liquid form to gas and back again. As the moisture in the air condenses on the glass walls, it returns to the soil and is absorbed by the plants’ roots.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

10. 3D Pen Printing

There is no software to learn or use, and there isn’t even the need for a computer. It’s a pen. It squirts out hot plastic like a glue gun, which instantly solidifies as you draw with it. The plastic even follows the pen when you lift it off a surface, essentially drawing into thin air. It’s almost like magic.

3D Pen Printer is pretty much the easiest and most fun way to get started with printing 3D objects. Of course, there’s still a little bit of learning involved, such as in holding and using the pen, and particularly about how the various plastic materials work. However, you don’t have to figure out how to use 3D modeling software which, to be honest, can be a lot more frustrating especially when you’ve never used them before.

Stag Match Drone Enrichment


 11. Code Moway with Scratch 

Code For Fun Enrichment Program - Moway SM

12. Code Artec With Scratch (Coding and Programming)

Code Artec with Scratch enrichment programme is designed to develop students’ computational thinking concepts and practices (iterative, remixing and etc.) using Scratch and Artec. Students learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively, while also learning important mathematical and computational ideas.

Artec Robot from Japan is a complete educational tool to introduce .It is a complete solution for learning: a controllable programmable robot packed with sensors. Students will explore the operating functions of different types of sensors.

The course will introduce students to object oriented programming using Scratch ( Drag and Drop ).

Stag Match Drone Enrichment

13. Arduino with Coding

Get started with Arduino using Entry Level products: easy to use and ready to power your first creative projects. These boards and modules are the best to start learning and tinkering with electronics and coding.

Experience the excitement of more complex projects with advanced functionalities, or faster performances.