Stag Match Tuition

1. Creative English

Course Objectives

The course is based on the latest MOE syllabus. It is specially designed to help students to achieve better grades by developing active reading skills, enhancing the power of self-expression in oral and written forms, building a strong grammar base, increasing general knowledge and vocabulary, developing creativity and critical thinking, developing effective listening skills and mastering strategies to excel in the school examinations.

2. Step by Step Mathematics

Course Objectives

The course is based strictly on MOE’s revised syllabus. Among areas covered: * Mathematics – Mathematical concepts, problem-solving heuristics. Pupils will be given ample exercises to prepare for their school examinations and national examinations. These exercieses are mostly based on past examination formats. All the topics in the Primary 1-6 syllabus will be covered.

3. Life Science

Course Objectives

Understanding of topics, Develop students’ critical and creative thinking and answering skills.

The course is based strictly on MOE’s revised syllabus. Among areas covered. Thinking skills such as observing, comparing, classifying, communicating, analysing, generating and evaluating will be covered. Students will also be taught how to master question-answer techniques through drill exercises and past-year exam papers.

4. Chinese

Course Objectives

This course is designed to improve students’ writing skills in Chinese composition. There will be group discussions to boost students’ general knowledge. They will also be taught sentence construction, the editing of sentences and the usage of good phrases and proverbs.

5.English Creative Writing 

Course Objectives We aim to develop your child’s ability to:

  • respond critically to various texts, such as stories, poems, songs and short video excerpts
  • follow instructions and listen attentively to each other during discussions
  • produce different types of writing
  • use new words and structures in their speaking and writing
  • apply a range of  reading skills and encourage reading for pleasure with a ‘reading challenge’.
  • speak confidently to the whole class, in small groups, and one to one with the teacher and classmates

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