Stag Match’s Staff

Dear Teachers & Staff ,


Please read through the 4 items (A- Staff Handbook, B – Submission of Form & C – Collection of fee , D- Timesheet  , E – StagExam)

A) Click to download the Staff Handbook.


B) To submit the form , Please follow the TWO steps :

  • Step 1 : Click on the following to download the form
  1. Click here to download MC & Leave Form ( Please DON’T text or whatsapp. Kindly give us a call if you are on MC .Please ensure someone answered or replied )
  2. Click here to download Purchasing and Expense Claim Form
  3. Click here to download Equipment and Issue Reporting Form
  • Step 2 : Please read through the flowchart carefully



C) If you are doing the collection fee please look through the collection flowchart:



  • Accountant’s Email :
  • Company Bank Account : Stag Match Tuition Centre (002-905887-6 )
  • Company Bank Account : Stag Match Private Limited (017 904003 5 )
  • Should you have any enquiries, please contact your OM/SUP



D1) If your branch don’t has sign in and out terminal or you are an outstation staff , please download the Timesheet form and get your in charge to sign before submitting to and :

(Click here to download Time sheet form).

*please take note that that the cut off date for the email submission will be on 2nd of the following month 2359hr . Do fill up the classes ( with the location ) that are conducted by you only. Company will pay you based on the class fully conducted. Should there be any students who didnot turn up or the class is conducted half way, please call your in charge to check on whether should you be able to leave.

D2) If your branch has sign in and out terminal . Learn how to sign in and out.

(Click here to download on the Teacher/Tutor sign in and out training guide)



E) Information on accessing to Stag Exam

  • Click here for Teacher Stag Exam Instruction (Part 1 -What to do before Starting the StagExam)
  • Click here for Teacher Stag Exam Instruction (Part 2 – What to do after Finishing the StagExam)
  • Click here to Access to Teacher Stag Exam Portal