Stag Match’s Staff

Dear Teachers & Staff ,

Please read through the 3 items (A – Submission of Form & B – Collection of fee , C- Timesheet )


A) To submit the form , Please follow the TWO steps :

  • Step 1 : Click on the following to download the form
  1. MC & Leave Form ( Please DON’T text or whatsapp. Kindly give us a call if you are on MC )
  2. Purchasing and Expense Claim Form
  3. Equipment and issue Form
  • Step 2 : Please read through the flowchart carefully



B) If you are doing the collection fee please look through the collection flowchart:



  • Accountant’s Email :
  • Company Bank Account : Stag Match Tuition Centre (002-905887-6 )
  • Company Bank Account : Stag Match Private Limited (017 904003 5 )
  • Should you have any enquiries, please contact your OM/SUP



C) If your branch don’t has sign in and out terminal or you are outstation staffs , please download the following form and get your in charge to sign before submitting to and :  Time sheet form