Child Learning Ability (CLA) Analysis


$500 worth of solving the mystery of understanding your Child’s Learning Ability(CLA) Analysis

Do you feel sad & disappointed when your child did not meet your expectation for their examinations and you do not know why?


Start off by understanding your Child’s Learning Ability (CLA). Understand their weaknesses and strengths. How do you understand the elements of their strengths and weaknesses? It may easily cost a few thousand dollars for similar analysis in the market that can aid in analysing your child’s learning ability. Instead of selling you those tools, Stag Match is here to share the tools with you.


After years of research, Stag Match has developed this tool to accurately assist us on understanding your Child’s Learning Ability (CLA) based on our rubric evaluation system.


“There must be some reasons why your child did not score well in their exams.

When you asked them on the constraints, they would simply reply –

:  “Duration of the exam is too short. Can’t finish my exam on time”. When the fact could possibly be poor time management.

: “The questions are too tough. Don’t understand the questions“. When the fact could possibly be applying the wrong concepts.

: “Those questions were never taught in the class before“. When the fact could possibly be they are not exposed to questions with similar difficulty.


Does all these questions sound very common to you?


The worst part is when you asked them “How is your exam?”, they replied you. “Ok lah” or “can do lah” or “Should be able to do well lah

but in the end, the result or the outcome is not what you expected.


Most of the parents like you are facing the same problem.


How to understand my Child Learning Ability (CLA)?

Now we are giving you the right tools to evaluate and it is FREE for a limited time only.

Drop by during our branches open house to allow us to share with you on how you can solve this ‘mystery’ on why your child did badly for their past examinations.

FREE Stag Match – Child Learning Ability (CLA) Analysis Consultation. Kindly bring your child along during the consultation.


Parents Testimonial:

1) Upon attempting on the CLA, Stag Match Tuition Centre could point out my child’s area of weakness and strength accurately, with their MOE syllabus materials, it helped in tackling my son’s weakness and gained confidence for his upcoming mid-year examinations.
Mrs Elaine Tan

2) CLAA works for my son in identifying his strengths and weaknesses! We have decided to enrol him with Stag Match Tuition Centre as they are MOE registered and their teachers are experienced.
Mdm Cheng

3) Was impressed by how Stag Match’s CLA was able to point out my daughter’s weaknesses in Mathematics. Willing to try out Stag Match Tuition Centre as their curriculums are following MOE guidelines.
Mrs Jumilah



**Please bring along your children during registration for a student analysis.

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